Howard Snyder

Ecology of Church and Kingdom


When Children and Jesus Suffer

It’s possible to get all sentimental and misty-eyed about suffering and forget the real pain, tragedy, and injustice involved. “The fact of suffering undoubtedly constitutes the greatest single […]

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Jesus Emmaus Road

Zeal Confronts Quietness

Quietness was having his quiet time when Zeal burst in. “What are you doing?” he asked. Quietness responded, “I am praying and meditating.” Zeal said, “We have a […]

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Are Humans Special?

Are humans unique among all living things? Are we special? The two extremes here are fairly obvious, I suppose: Yes! Humans certainly are special; unique among all living […]

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America’s Top Gods

Americans are fundamentally polytheists, worshiping at the shrines of many gods. Many who call themselves Christians are as polytheistic as Hindus. We of course have different names for […]

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The Beauty of Slowness

Speed is an overrated but unquestioned value in today’s world. Slowness is undervalued and under-celebrated unless we’re speaking of turtles. Or maybe oak trees. Is faster better? Certainly […]

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