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Pope Francis

Five Signs of Hope in the New Year

I see five promising signs of hope as the world enters 2015. Also a few maybes. Any optimism must be tempered by the now-present reality of climate destabilization. […]

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Living Fire!

As we enter a new year, this remarkable hymn seems especially apt and timely: Oh for that flame of living fire Which shone so bright in saints of […]

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Breaking News! Immanuel Here!

Immanuel! Gold leaves of autumn New buds in spring Summer’s warm magic Winter’s cold ring— Coming and going Time’s rise and fall Years building ages Time touching all— […]

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Do Christians Fall Asleep?

Having been brung up on the King James Version of the Bible, I was familiar with such verses as these: “After that, he was seen of above five […]

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Jesus Loves Gays and Lesbians

Here are three stories about Jesus. One day a Pharisee invited Jesus to dinner. As Jesus and other guests were reclining and dining, “a woman of the city” […]

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The Revival America Doesn’t Need

America needs a great awakening, a revival, a genuine stirring of the Spirit of God. America does not need a pseudo-revival, a movement that champions pseudo-Christianity, that uses […]

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